January 8th, 2013


(no subject)

During the last few nights I've been speaking English in a dream. Yeah, It's my truly current nightmare!! I even translate my "russian-speaking" visions into English. While a dream, I've did very well, but when I awake I uderstand that it was only a dream ((
So, I started sleep badly. Be certain, I must do something whit my "english obsession" until I didn't go completely mad ))) What do you think, is it a right way?..
Please, speak to me in English a little! Or a little moreore... I know, I make a lot of mistakes because it was too long break from my study. Don't be hard on me :)

And here is my first question: do you even get at the meaning of this great composition? %))) Probably is not everything so dark for me if you can?..